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Solar system health check


Has Your Solar System Had a Health Check Recently?
Your Solar System is an investment don’t let it be a bad one. If your worried about the performance of your solar system or it has simply stopped working, we can help get it back up and running quickly. What you get for only $269.00

What’s included in our inspection and solar system repairs service?

  • A site visit from a CEC accredited solar specialist to inspect your entire system, including the inverter, isolator and cabling and compliance.
  • A comprehensive report, outlining any defects, damage and non-compliant issues with your system inclusive of recommendations on what needs to be done to get the system performing to an optimum level.
  • A no-obligation budget for any works or replacements required, backed by our workmanship guarantee.
  • Annual Inspection follow up discount.

Get your power savings kick started again with your solar system performing at an optimum level today. Call our friendly team on 1300 627 727 for help


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