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Debunking the Solar Myths

Your roof is shaded or doesn't face the optimal direction, so solar is not an option

Because of the rapid advancement in solar panel efficiencies, and the invention of micro inverters, the loss of power is no longer an issue. Each system is specifically tailored to the direction of your roof and any shading it may have and the peak times of your energy usage to ensure maximum power generation. Almost EVERY property can benefit from solar installation


Waiting for Solar batteries to drop in price before your buy solar.

Even with all the hype about solar battery storage, currently at an average cost of around $12,000 to install they will take about 15 years to pay back. Battery prices will most likely come down in the next few years, but in the meantime you will have missed out on the savings, your existing system is already providing you.

Solar savings start from day one. Each day you don’t have your solar system installed, is another day you are paying high electricity costs, which are only increasing. So, it makes no sense to wait to get solar, you could be waiting years, and paying a premium on electricity in the meantime. One day, batteries will make a lot of sense –also you can easily retrofit batteries when the cost actually does come down. So, don't lose years of savings, waiting for cheap batteries to arrive.

Finding the Right Size System For Your Home and Family

The devil is in the detail when finding the right system for your home and family. Our solar experts will do a full analysis of your electricity usage habits, property and roof direction, and what your financial goals and expectations are before they provide you with a quote.

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