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Our Endurance Guarantee

Your solar system is a big investment, so how do you tell the difference from one Solar Installer to the next? The difference is in the guarantee and quality products, ensuring you are fully covered, in the event of faulty workmanship, product defect or malfunction.

With over 20 years’ experience in the electrical and solar industries, McIntosh Solar has supreme confidence in the performance of our products and solar systems. We have an outstanding reputation for quality and only deal with and supply tier one, premium world class products who are ISO 9001 Certified and approved, with an excellent support network in Australia.

These factors combined allow McIntosh Solar to offer you an extended “Endurance Guarantee”. For your peace of mind this guarantee means to you that we will offer you the following

Workmanship and installation guarantee 10 YEARS
Tier one panel and inverter output performance guarantee 25 YEARS

This guarantee means to you that in the event of faulty workmanship or installation, our expert team will fix it at no charge. In the event of product defects or performance failure the product or part will be replaced for the same of equivalent product.

In many cases this guarantee will outlast your tenancy or ownership of the home. That’s unbeatable value!

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