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An Investment for now and into the future.
The financial reasons for installing and investing in a customised solar system for
your business, are now very compelling.

The price of commercial solar has declined substantially over the past few years and, coupled with recent electricity price rises, has meant that the financial basis for commerical solar installation is now extremely attractive.

We will help you work out quickly and accurately if this is right choice for your business, and your potential savings and payback period.

McIntosh will develop, install and maintain the exclusively designed commercial solar power system for your business, that will increase the overall profitability by reducing ongoing operational costs. Solar can reduce between 20-60% of the ongoing power costs for a business. Depending on the size of the business and its power consumption, this can be substantial.

Our experts can provide accurate financial projections through detailed analysis, to enable you to assess the feasibility of solar for your business, and what it can achieve.

We help you work out quickly and accurately if this is the right decision for you and your business and your potential savings and payback period. Keeping in mind, that currently up to a third of your system can be subsidised through government financial incentives.

We will establish if solar makes good business sense for you. We subject each unique commercial premise to a stringent analysis of the business and its power consumption, forecasts and needs.

We’ll provide you with a customised commercial solar proposal which takes into account :

  • Your current electricity consumption patterns and usage.
  • Current commercial electricity tariffs
  • Roof pitch, orientation and any shading.

Our Solar proposal will provide details such as:

  • Building and Roof Panel Placement Images
  • Capital and Installation Cost
  • Expected Yields
  • Investment Returns
  • Payback Period
  • Purchasing options

McIntosh Solar’s primary aim when delivering a solar project to our businesses clients, is to help clients reduce operating expenses and increase profitability.

Our guarantee, that we will not sell you a commercial solar system that’s not right for you, and that fits within your budget constraints.

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Find out how McIntosh Solar can help your business slash ever increasing energy costs by up to 70%, Just by investing in the right system.

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