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Our Background

McIntosh Solar has been in business for over 16 years, established in 2002. We are not only Clean Energy Council, Accredited Solar Installers, but we are also Fully Accredited Master Electricians. This means for you the client, that we work by a Code of Ethics and Guarantee all our Workmanship. We also only complete work to Australian Codes and Full Compliance, and to the highest Safety Standards with a regulated in-house Safety System applied to everything we do. Also, all our installers are Full Time Employees of McIntosh Solar, not outsourced or subcontracted, as many Solar Sales Companies do once they have sold you the system. This ensures the highest quality control on every installation.

Our goal was to offer our clients a complete and custom solar solution that suits them and their unique needs, as far as energy consumption goes. So,we developed a system that can analyse and cater for all different types of applications based on your electricity usage, budget, type of premises and many other factors. Our systems are designed to give you the maximum power generation and perform consistently for years to come. They are also designed to be retrofitted with any new batteries or inverter technologies that are developed down the track. No matter what your properties obstacles in installing solar, we can find the right solution at the right price for you.

Expert Install with Premium Products

We have formed strong partnerships with premium quality suppliers and Tier 1# manufacturers such as Fronius, LG, REC and Enphase, who’s products are recognised world-wide and stringently tested, then retested, and offer a minimum 10 Year Product Warranty and 25 Year Output Warranty. We will only install Clean Energy Council Approved Products that have a strong support base in Australia, giving you peace of mind in the event of product failure.

Our reputation is paramount to our ongoing growth and success. Installing the correctly suited premium product, at the best possible price is our aim on every job, whether it be a small 1.5KW or large scale 100KW System.

Finding the right System at the Right Price

McIntosh Solar is committed to providing the right system for your current energy usage and unique circumstances. We will not sell you a system you don’t need or cannot afford. Customer Satisfaction is our No.1 goal.


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